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Digital Marketing Strategy for Amazon Sellers

Meet Wendy

Digital Marketing & eCommerce Strategist 

I help creative sellers power their online business with the plans, tools and steps to turn browsers into buyers. So you can...

Live your love and power your joy now. 



Authenticity is hard to find these days.

I help tell your authentic brand story with an eCommerce plan to close more online sales on Amazon and beyond. With my purpose-driven coaching and tools, I give sellers the clarity they crave to move their brand forward.  

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You aren’t alone. the online selling world is evolving

It's moving so fast, no one can be a master. I’m here to provide support and clarity through those risky times. Most importantly, I love…

  • Guiding brands to build a better connection with shoppers
  • Sparking creativity and collaboration with partners
  • Problem solving business obstacles with efficiency
  • Helping creative entrepreneurs achieve joy and financial freedom 
  • Seeing personal and financial growth for creators, makers and sellers
  • Hearing happy stories of thriving businesses and flexible work schedules
  • Empowering you to spend more time doing what you love, with the ones you love 


You don’t need to be a tech genius. 


My coaching for creative makers and sellers will guide you through the ever-changing eCommerce landscape to rock your online business. 

Want to power-up your product sales?

My signature offering is a customized eCommerce brand plan to turn browsers into buyers on Amazon and beyond. 

We can meet in-person or via virtual hangout to have a productive work session and power your online business. 



How Power Joy Now can help you:

  • Tell Your Brand Story Online and In-Person
  • Build an eCommerce Plan for your Brand 
  • Drive More Traffic To Your Products
  • Increase ADD TO CART conversions with Content that Overcomes Purchase Barriers
  • Build Trust with Ratings and Reviews 
  • Gain Key Insights About Your Shoppers 
  • Analyze Business Trends to Sell More Products
  • Leverage Social Media to Authentically Promote Your Brand
  • Attract More Customers to Discover Your Products 
  • Increase sales volume with ideas for product bundling and subscription services

Let's power-up your online product sales


My strategic plans and coaching will guide you through the ever-changing eCommerce landscape.

My methods are based on over 10 years of advertising experience developing award-winning campaigns and eCommerce content for world-class brands. 

I provide clear steps that empower sellers to test and learn, then evolve.


Expertise and Experience

10+ Years of World-Class Brand Advertising Experience:

  • Developed award-winning creative campaigns for world-class brands - like Kellogg's and Kashi
  • Managed brand promotional campaigns with premier sports properties like The Olympics, The NFL, and The MLB
  • Coordinated advertising in mass market grocery channels - like Walmart, Target and Kroger

Pioneer in Digital Shopper Marketing and eCommerce

  • Managed Amazon eCommerce strategy for world-class products
  • Pioneered eCommerce content marketing on Amazon for Kellogg’s and Kashi
  • Optimized Kellogg’s product page to sell more on Amazon

Best-in Class Branding & eCommerce Strategies

  • My strategies are based on my successful 10+ year advertising and eCommerce marketing career
  • I know what works - launched hundreds of digital marketing and eCommerce campaigns
  • Converted hundreds of thousands of shoppers into buyers for world-class CPG brands
  • Written blogs on eCommerce trends and cutting edge research
  • Focused on strategic branding communication and digital marketing
  • Connecting your products to key eCommerce shoppers

Why I Created Power Joy Now

No one was helping small, creative businesses achieve eCommerce success.

Worse, sleazy salesmen are taking advantage of naive sellers. These “get rich quick” schemes lack insightful marketing knowledge. 

I'm shaking things up and helping small businesses grow online with expert eCommerce plans and coaching.  

I created Power Joy Now to help product-based business owners to grow their brands and sell more products on Amazon.

Our mission is to empower creative sellers to grow personally and financially.

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Guiding Principles

  •  Create the vision

  •  Be your brand

  •  Know your shopper

  •  Plan your strategy

  •  Work smart today

  •  Test new ideas

  •  Analyze what works

  •  Balance your life

  •  Share your story

  •  Inspire our world


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