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Digital Marketing Strategy for Amazon Sellers

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Frequently Asked Questions

+ How do I start selling on Amazon?

Amazon offers a tutorial on how to start selling. Click here to go to Amazon's Seller page to learn more.

+ I don't live in the United States. Can you help me sell on Amazon?

No, Power Joy Now strategies are based on the United States marketplace. But Amazon offers a tutorial and checklist on how to start selling globally.

+ Where can I find more information about selling on Amazon?

Amazon offers tutorials and a seller support guide. Click here to visit Amazon's tutorials & training site.

+ How can Power Joy Now help my business?

Power Joy Now is an expert resource for eCommerce and Amazon trends, online shopper profiles and strategy to help boost sales of your Amazon products. To start a project, fill out the contact form above.

+ Can you help me design my website or online store?

Power Joy Now can provide strategy to reach online shoppers on Amazon or on another eCommerce platform. Find out more about strategy plans by contacting me in the form above.

+ Can you help me manage my inventory and shipping logistics on Amazon?

No. Since I’m a one-woman show, there are some things Power Joy Now does not specialize in:

  • Building websites, graphic design, project management, content creation, running social media accounts, or managing inventory, logistics, out-of-stocks and dropshipping.
  • Businesses must set-up and manage their own Amazon Vendor or Seller Central accounts. This is very important to gaining insights into your Amazon business and customer to boost sales.

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