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Digital Marketing Strategy for Amazon Sellers

Is your brand losing key sales on Amazon?

Are your product listings cobbled together without a clear selling strategy? You need a custom, eCommerce Brand Plan.

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I want to help fuel your brand growth.

With my Brand Plan – a personalized guidebook for your brand's eCommerce success – you'll get a strategic playbook to be the foundation of your product pages. Your Brand Plan is custom-built to meet your eCommerce needs on Amazon and beyond. That means more sales and less stress.


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Unlock the Secrets to Skyrocketing Online Sales: 

  • Improve product search and ADD TO CART conversions
  • Learn what's working and what's not on your online store and product pages
  • Increase discoverability - Get SEO optimized product titles and feature bullets for key products
  • Drive demand - get shoppers to bundle products and add more to cart
  • Establish regimen - prime your brand for subscription and auto-replenishment to meet your shopper's want and needs
  • Create a branded shopping experience - photo and video content recommendations to convert more browsers into buyers
  • Expand trust and seller rating. Get more 5-star ratings and reviews from verified purchasers
  • Stay “in the know” with e-commerce trends that affect your brand
  • And so much more! Each plan is custom built to fit your brand needs. 


What comes in the eCommerce Brand Plan:

  • Custom built plan based on YOUR strategic goals and number of products
  • Easy-to-implement prioritized action steps for your brand
  • Content marketing tips to target your key shopper on Amazon
  • Customized strategies to get shoppers to your product pages
  • Recommended calendar for targeted ad campaigns through Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) that get more customers to your product pages. (Registration is free; you only pay when shoppers click on ads.)
  • Optimized content that forms the foundation of your Amazon page
  • Essential content to feed the Amazon search engine to drive more traffic to your product page
  • Help to educate shoppers about your products so they want to buy
  • Amazon SEO optimized product titles, product descriptions, and feature bullets for key products

  • Plus plug-and-play SEO friendly formulas for product titles + features for your entire product line
  • Coaching on how to get more 5-star ratings and reviews from verified purchasers
  • Enhanced brand content strategy for Amazon A+ pages to promote your brand.
  • Learn how to use product images, keyword-optimized text, comparison charts and other features to promote your product.
  • Guidance for how to use enhanced brand content to covert purchases and boost sales throughout your portfolio 
  • Create a branded shopping experience on Amazon and other selling platforms
  • Identify opportunities to use your existing content on Amazon, which means less time and money spent on photoshoots and advertising. 
  • Get photo and video recommendations to convert more browsers into buyers
  • Learn if you should be selling via Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), which makes your products available for Amazon Prime

Who the eCommerce Brand Plan Playbook is best for:

  • Brands and businesses that want a pain-free way to grow eCommerce
  • Product sellers that want expert and customized advice for Amazon listings to boost sales 
  • Creative makers who want a strategic foundation to market their brand online 
  • Any brand that wants to strategically grow online and maintain control of managing the day-to-day of their product listings and making optimizations in real-time.


Each eCommerce Brand Plan is custom built to fit YOUR business needs.

Project estimates are based on the brand size, number of product listings and online selling locations. 

The investment for custom eCommerce Brand Plan begins at $5,000. Estimates are customized for the brand needs. 

Consultations & Presentation:

Schedule a discovery call to share your brand eCommerce goals. I'll start working on your eCommerce brand plan and provide a timeline for completion. 

The eCommerce brand plan will be presented in detail via an online video chat. You'll have plenty of time to ask any questions or go deeper on specific steps.

You'll get a recording of the presentation, so you can review it any time!

Let's uncomplicated your Amazon strategy and get you more add-to-cart conversions!

Are you ready to skyrocket your shop sales to millions of eager customers on Amazon?